Indignation in erotica?

On Lao Tze from The Horn Book

Maybe we need an opening gate for studies in erotic
(art, science, leisure, thrill) bibliography.
It’s about knowing.
The Horn Book. Puritan. Popular.
Those who know
do not say.
Bernard de La Monnoye
wrote best poetry
aged eighty-five
(his collection of erotica
was open to the general public,
he exposed his copy of Cazzaria,
of Arentino’s sonnets,
of Verville’s Moyen de Parvenir;
who did he want to please?).
Waves of containment
put the price of erotica down – is it humanism?
pleasure, lust, exhibitionism, charity:
and those who say
do not know.

At an early age we’re supposed to hide
certain physical sensations.
Tamed muses, sometimes merry.
Indignation, does it belong in erotica?

Marcia X, kaminhasutra

Marcia X, kaminhasutra

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