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noise e democracia – Medialab prado – madri 09/07/2008

É noise na fita!

The noise of radical democracy

Metaborders, subsexuality, cyberpateras, transmigration.


This event is a mix of art activism, transgendering performance and electronic experimental sound

Is noise democracy feasible? The idea is that music should not be taken here to be entertainment but rather a path towards towards the political collective unconscious that we carry and, nonetheless, fits in no official ballot paper. It’s louder than the sound of public speeches.

The idea is to put forward an event that brings together the idea of multitude with that of noise. Make noise come up from the streets, from the political sewage of multiple layers that urban life covers. We want the differences in desire to meet up as if they were noise in an urban landscape; noise that persists and pushes us into immersive environments and then into a surprising episodes of flirting with consensus.

Noise is what happens when something goes wrong: when something goes wrong, people’s politics find a way to come to the fore. This is what we want, a politica event, a noisy one – without final manifestoes, without final agreement, without treaties.

Multitude is dissonance. It demands for new forms of intelligibility. Noise is therefore the way forward to radicalize democracy. No more electronic ballots – we press for electronic noise.

We like to favour noisy immersive processes instead of long deliberation meetings. Temporary Autonomous Zone should be noisy – they are no Long-lasting Fortified Territories. We want to assemble the noise of media pateras, performing transmigration, metaqueer desires and change the political landscape.

daniel gonzales

raul sanchez

fabi borges

hilan bensusan

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